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Who are we?

Mélissa Bolduc

Creator and founder of Melow

Passionate about fashion from an early age, Mélissa began designing clothes that flattered her own figure at the age of 17. This passion gave way to what was to become her vocation.

A graduate in Fashion Marketing from the John Casablancas Institute, and in Fashion Design from Vancouver Community College, she created her first collection and opened her flagship boutique Melow par Mélissa Bolduc in Montreal in 2007.

To this day, her main objective remains to design clothes that celebrate and enhance the diversity of women's bodies and silhouettes.

“The various feminine silhouettes are always taken into account when I design my collections, so that they are versatile and accessible.”

– Mélissa Bolduc, founder of Melow


Melow is a sophisticated brand with a refined and complex design. Clothes with fluid lines, combining comfort and elegance. Structured cuts, modeled by pleats and asymmetrical constructions. Outfits that ensure distinction and freedom of movement on all silhouettes.

Our collections are proudly created and made in Canada, and local fabrics are favored whenever possible.

Our ecological objective

Melow has always been committed to encouraging sustainable development and works daily to minimize the impact of its activity on the planet.

To do this, several concrete actions are taken both in terms of manufacturing and the travel necessary for production:

We take particular care in choosing our fabrics, many of them being organic and/or made in Canada.

We favor natural fibers over synthetic fibers as evidenced by our many 100% natural fabrics.

All of our production is made in Quebec, which reduces our ecological footprint and encourages the local economy.

In 2018, the Melow workshop acquired an electric car used for all of the team's travels.

“A garment should always be designed to adapt to a woman's body and not the other way around! »

– Mélissa Bolduc, founder of Melow