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Découvrez votre type de silhouette et comment la flatter!

Discover your body type and how to make it work for you!

Having trouble choosing pieces that work for your figure? We are here to help you shop smartly.

A key concept to consider when dressing different silhouettes is to balance each one to create a harmonious whole. The play of volume and color is very important when considering this notion of balance. We want to draw the eye to parts of the body that we want to emphasize.

Our guide will help you discover which body type matches you and our recommendations to strategically dress each of them.


First of all, if you don't know how to take your measurements, here's a figure to help you get them right. From here, it will be easy to recognize you in one of the different silhouettes presented below.

* Remember to keep the tape parallel to the floor when measuring. *

Bust circumference: Take your measurement including the widest part of your chest.

Waist circumference: Take the measurement of the smallest part of your body, often at the belly button. Little tip, when you lean to the side, the dip that is created is your waist.

Hip circumference: Take the measurement of the widest part of your body. 


Here are some characteristics that will help you identify this figure.
  • Your shoulders are the widest part of your body.
  • Your chest may be large
  • Your waist and hips may be narrow
For this silhouette, we recommend emphasizing the neckline and hips to balance the volume of the upper body.

The HANSEL blazer, the HECTOR top and the HOTSHI blouse will allow you to emphasize your hips.

The same notions seen above can be applied to the bottoms. We, therefore, recommend that you choose pants or skirts that are not too tight in order to balance the volume of the top. Skirts as HASNA and HERMIONE, or HARRISSON pants are perfect for your body type.

As for dresses, A-lines are a must. Being in themselves triangle-shaped pieces, they balance the inverted triangle of the upper body. HEIDI and HANNAH are good choices for your figure. You can also opt for the HERBY jumpsuit.


Here are some characteristics that will help you identify this figure.
  • Your shoulders, chest, and hips are uniform.
  • Your waist is more straight than rounded.
For this body type, it's all about placing the accent where you want. If you want to create the illusion of a waist, you can play with volume to create the appearance of curves. You can also opt for loose-fitting cuts that will fall beautifully on your figure.

For tops, you can accentuate the upper part of your body to create the illusion of a more defined waist. Tops like ZOULOU orthe HATISHA blouse and the HERCULES jacket will look great on your figure. V-neck tops, patterned tops, or tops with tailoring details will also draw the eye to the upper body.

To create a proportional and harmonious look, make sure your pants complement the silhouette of your blouse or sweater. If you've chosen to add volume to the top, choose a more fitted cut for the bottom and vice versa.

When it comes to dresses, the choice is yours! Almost any look will work for you, whether it's more fitted or loose, plain or patterned, short or long! The HAKIMA and HAMELET dresses and the HERBY jumpsuit are all winning choices. 


Here are some characteristics that will help you identify this figure.

  • Your shoulders and hips are evenly sized and you have a defined waist.
  • You probably have a larger chest and hips.
For this figure, we recommend emphasizing the waist to highlight the natural curves of your body. This figure is one of the easiest to dress because of its regular proportions.

Fitted and structured tops such as HAIDA, HOLLOW and HORTENSE will suit you perfectly. Short tops will also look good if you want to show off your hips.

The same goes for bottoms. High-waisted pants will highlight your waist. Don't hesitate to acessorize your pants with a belt to define it even more. Wide-leg pants or pants with stretch fabric will allow you to show off your curves. We recommend our HANS jumpsuit as well as the WILFRED and HOMER pants.

For dresses, we recommend slim or tight at the waist dresses. HOPE, HANJANA and HANNAH will suit you perfectly.

 Here are some characteristics that will help you identify this figure.

  • Your hips and thighs are wider than your shoulders and bust.
  • You have a narrow waist compared to your hips.
For this silhouette, we recommend that you focus on your shoulders and waist. We want to draw the eye to your upper body.

Boat neck tops are a must for your silhouette as the horizontal line of the neckline widens the shoulders. Waist-cinching tops are also a winning option. We recommend HAKIN, HEVAN and HARVEY tops.

For pants, look for curve-hugging styles in stretch fabrics that won't smother your hips. We recommend the WILFRED, HENDRIX or HARRY pants.

As for dresses and jumpsuits, we recommend models that highlight or have volume at the top. Once again, models that cinch the waist are to be favored. We suggest HOPE and HEIDI dresses, as well as our HERMAN jumpsuit.


Here are some characteristics that will help you identify this figure.

  • Your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips are fairly uniform, but your shoulders and hips may be slightly narrower.
  • Your waist is rather undefined.
For this silhouette, we recommend focusing on your legs, shoulders, and chest.

Indeed, blouses that are fitted or that reveal the chest will break the uniformity of the upper body. You can also opt for tops with kimono sleeves or with bare shoulders that will emphasize your shoulders. We recommend tops such as HAVANA, HOWARD or PACIFIQUE.

For dresses, we recommend models that show off your legs, such as the HAMELET, HADJANI or the HANJANA. And don't hesitate to pair your outfits with a jacket or blazer; they will add structure to your silhouette.

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