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Job Offer

JOB OFFER: B2C and E-commerce Sales Manager

The B2C and E-commerce Sales Manager's role is to respond to emails and messages from our various platforms and provide exceptional customer service. The B2C Sales Manager processes customer orders online and is responsible for ensuring that they are dispatched on time. This position also includes retail customer service in our boutique-atelier, as well as during various salon sales events. The B2C and E-commerce Sales Manager's mission is to deliver outstanding customer service that exceeds customer expectations. His or her role is to rethink the customer experience to build customer loyalty.

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Internship offer


INTERNSHIP OFFER: Workshop assistant
We are currently welcoming trainees who have begun fashion training to perform certain workshop tasks such as: pattern making, marker making, fabric cutting, sample assembly follow-up, production preparation, quality control, shipping assistance, event goods preparation.

We are currently welcoming trainees who have begun training in garment making to perform some related garment task such as: sewing using different machines, repairing productions, making samples, adjusting samples, quality control, cutting fabrics and preparing goods for events.
INTERNSHIP OFFER: Sales and marketing

We are currently hosting interns who have begun marketing training to perform related tasks such as: community management, prospecting, distribution assistance, website updating, branding, merchandise preparation for events and participation in various events (depending on the period).


We are currently welcoming interns who have started a training in market development and prospecting to perform some related tasks such as: Prospecting for new markets, helping with shipping and preparing goods for events.