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Zoom sur la collection PÉ 2024

Zoom on the SS 2024 collection

Embracing the spirit of adventure and spontaneity, our Spring Summer 2024 collection is inspired by the environment around us and seamlessly blends comfort and style, so you not only look good, but feel good in your skin.
For this season, we present to you a palette of lively and organic colors that combine perfectly with each other. The pattern of this collection, with its play of geometric shapes, is a tribute to the beauty found in diversity.
Made from premium fabrics, our clothing is not only a visual delight, but also a sensory pleasure. Feel the soft caress of the fabrics that mimic the touch of a light breeze or the warmth of the sun on your skin.
This collection is inspired by life itself...It is a celebration of the dynamic tapestry that surrounds us, translating its essence into wearable art. We seek to embody the feeling of a spring breeze and summer sun in a range of clothing that is as comfortable and light as it is structured and dynamic. Each piece tells a unique story, inviting you to confidently express your individuality.
To add to the dynamism and original charm of the collection, we focused on essential details found throughout the collection. Always looking for a light silhouette and a romantic essence, we play with the volumes and movement of our rich fabrics to better flatter the natural curves of the body while maintaining a feeling of freedom.
We want you to make the most of this precious beautiful weather, and explore the endless possibilities that the summer season offers, with clothing that will allow you to do it in style, with confidence and without constraints.

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