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Comment porter le satin?

How to wear satin?

For the Fall-Winter 2020 collection, you will find several pieces designed in our fabulous satin fabric, so confortable to wear. Although sometimes it may seem difficult to incorporate satin into your personal style, we wanted to offer you some tips to help you make it more accessible and easy to wear.


First, don't choose a satin piece that is too tight, as it could highlight unwanted - and sometimes non-existent - curves. If it's too tight, choose a larger size!

Second, avoid satin from head to toe! One or two pieces of satin are more than enough! If it's a dress, accessorize it with more sober and discreet pieces that won't reflect the light.

Third, try to avoid accessories that are too flashy. Already catching the attention with its texture and its reflection, you shouldn't add much to your satin outfit to make it work.

And finally, embrace the chic aspect of satin and have fun with it!


Satin, a must for any respectable fashionista, can be worn for many occasions. This fabric, which can be found on every catwalks this Fall, is perfect for special events as well as for the office. It all depends on how you match it with your other pieces.

Wear it with our striped or quilted fabric to soften its intensity. Or, wear it with our houndstooth fabric for a trendy and assertive look.

Any excuse is good to wear our new satin pieces this Fall!


Satin adds a touch of elegance to all your outfits; it is a fabric of choice for an evening with your lover. In fact, it's the perfect occasion to create a more seductive and dramatic outfit than your every day look.

Here's our suggestion:

The BLAIR dress

The MES106 top with the BALI skirt



Satin can also be worn for work. With a simple and classic cut, satin pieces will adopt a professional and sober look.

Here's our suggestions:
The BRADLEY top with the WILFRED pants. 

The BRIGITTE blouse and the ZAEEM skirt. 

The ZELIA top with the BACH pants. 


Satin can be worn during your daily activities. Indeed, all our satin pieces are made of a stretch fabric. You'll be able to add a touch of sparkle to your outfits while being totally comfortable.

Here's our suggestions: 

The BINALI top with the BILBO pants. 

The BRIGITTE blouse with the BAYAN skirt. 

The MES108 top with the BALI skirt. 

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